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  • Oil & Filter Change

  • Book An Oil And Filter Change

    SK Motors completes a big quantity of oil and filter changes each week, assisting customers' engines run much better and final longer to get a low cost. It is very important that your car includes a normal oil service. Oil would be the lubricant in your engine which prevents friction and protects the mechanical components. More than time engine oil gradually loses this ability to lubricate effectively and low, thin or old oil causes the internal components to wear a lot faster. To stop car, this and makers specialists recommend that your oil is changed every 12 months, or perhaps a tiny much less for larger mileage automobiles.

    well being of the engine depends greatly around the overall performance on the oil and filter. At SK Motors we only use prime quality engine oils from the world's largest independent lubricant manufacturer, Fuchs (more about Fuchs Oils). SK Motors have over 1,000 oil and filter technicians across the UK who are standing by to assist you choose the best variety of oil for the vehicle. To ensure you get the most effective value for the subsequent oil and filter change, speak straight to among our regional technicians around the quantity under or use our easy registration number lookup technique to get a quick quote or make an internet booking.

    you know a dirty engine might be costing you income?
    Contaminants inside your oil and fuel technique can hamper fuel efficiency, enhance emissions, and put a huge strain on your wallet.
    Book your car in for our Fuel Service Plus with Semi Synthetic Oil and banish
    those engine nasties. Our technicians use professional-grade items to clean the engine oil fuel and system method, assisting to reduce oil consumption and burn fuel far more effectively.
    oil and fuel cleaning service also consists of an oil change and a replacement oil filter, fitted by our specialist technicians.

    Your vehicle’s engine requires the right grade of oil in an effort to lubricate and protect the internal parts. The grade of oil for the automobile is determined by the car manufacturer based on many variables, like size and operating temperature selection of the engine. At SK Motors our highly knowledgeable teams can advise you on the best care and oil for your engine and we stock most oils at all of our centres.
  • Why Change The Oil Filter?

    Your car’s oil filter is an integral part of the engine, cleverly carrying away dirt and metal particles. These contaminants are removed from the oil by the oil filter and with time this debris can block the filter, so it is crucial that it is replaced regularly.
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