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  • Find Your Car Battery and Jump Starter Services In Dublin and Surround Areas

    We also stock batteries for light commercial vehicles, mobility automobiles and recreational automobiles (RV’s) and caravans in common use nation wide. If your car needs a battery please use our automobile finder on this web page to seek out what you may need.

    Even comparatively new ones can go incorrect as a result of continual use from the heater, heated seats and lights, though a car battery generally only includes a lifespan of around five years.

    You'll find indicators to look out for that indicate when a battery is receiving weak and may possibly need to have replacing, these include a sluggish starter motor when the ignition important is turned and headlights that dim when the engine speed drops to an idle.

    once you begin the car first point in the morning or following leaving perform ensure that non-essentials like seat warmers and windscreen wipers are turned off.

    Battery failure
    is one of the most typical causes of vehicle breakdown. Just before a car battery fails, there is certainly typically tiny or no warning. That is why, as it ages, creating certain that your battery is checked routinely is essential. Obtaining your battery checked by SK Motors will supply you with data that may avert premature inconvenience and failure. Appointments are offered hourly and are free.

    You will find also several goods on the market that will help you take much better care of the car battery, including portable chargers, tester and even blankets.

    Car batteries are
    one thing we all take for granted, we place the crucial in the ignition, turn it and in an instant it sparks our engine to life.

    But what
    takes place when your car battery fails, when it really is stone cold dead, your car is stuck outside your property or workplace and you happen to be going nowhere?

    Naturally, winter puts an extra strain on batteries, due to the fact the colder it gets the a lot more power our engines need to have to have them started. Then there is certainly the truth thatlights and heaters, windscreen heaters, seat warmers and windscreen wipers are all putting added demands on the battery.

    Getting A Replacement Battery
    At SK Motors, we
    offer a wide array of car, van and 4x4 batteries across our network of Service Centres at competitive costs. What's much more, we offer you Cost-free battery fitting if you book on-line.

    You can enter your car information into your effortless to work with battery look up tool which will locate the ideal battery for you based in your vehicle information. Alternatively, you are able to browser by way of our most well-liked batteries beneath:

    SK Motors
    possess a extensive array of batteries obtainable to provide and match, frequently inside hours.

    price tag you spend involves fitting, disposal in the old battery and VAT - and all our batteries come with a 3 year guarantee.
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